C.A.N. Systems network has been developed with affiliates’ needs and operations heavily in mind – our myriad of analytical tools and instruments can aid you in optimizing traffic performance over a variety of channels, so you can always track and optimize conversion/retention rates. Furthermore, our service provides outstanding commission rates and generously rewards our partnering affiliates for their participation in the network.


With C.A.N. Systems, advertisers get access to everything they need to achieve the desired performance of their marketing campaigns. By entering our global network, they guarantee themselves their products and/or services reach the targeted potential customers efficiently. Our deep knowledge in online marketing enables us to offer the right methods in successfully promoting your products over different media gateways.


In a field as dynamic and competitive as creating and publishing content, C.A.N. Systems can match publishers with the appropriate advertisers and audience, so they monetize on their content to the fullest. Our platform and the accompanying tools and features can help you make the most of your reader base by displaying only advertising materials, which your public can naturally relate to, thus increasing it, along with your advertising revenue.

About Us


C.A.N Systems is an advanced, global affiliate network accommodating advertisers, affiliates and publishers with highly-technological solutions and tools, designed to boost their performance, by optimizing operations and maximizing revenues.


Our innovative approach has led us to implement cutting-edge blockchain technology in our services as means of capital transfer and payments, as we believe cryptocurrencies hold the key to successful, sustainable growth and future in an industry as dynamic as affiliate marketing.


The vast experience and expertise we possess allows C.A.N to offer a wide range of services in a single platform, while our professional team is always at hand to assist you in tackling various challenges and expand your business with client-tailored solutions and analytical tools.

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